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St Timothy’s Attic Thrift Store

St Timothy's Anglican Church
What can be found at The Attic?
A warm, friendly and helpful all volunteer staff and a unique shopping experience.
We pride ourselves in being a step-up from the usual thrift store.  Items for sale change every day and you will always find something new and different. We are grateful for the many comments from customers about how our shop is so clean and organized and that they always find the nicest clothes or a special treasure. Some of the items that you will find, besides men, women and children’s clothes are collectibles, knick-knacks, figurines, jewelry, glassware, dishes, small appliances, cookware, silverware, dishes, books, purses, lingerie, craft items, greeting cards, CD’s, DVD’s, that special something, and much more. We always feature specialized items for all holiday seasons with a huge inventory for Christmas. All donations, except large furniture or appliances, are gratefully accepted. Because we are a non-profit, we are happy to give you a tax deductible receipt. Profits made by the “Attic” benefit St. Timothy’s Anglican Church, their missionary fund and outreach assistance to the community.”

Great Steps Ahead

Great Steps Ahead
Early Intervention services to children and their families has been recognized by the California Early Intervention Services Act as an investment in the future that benefits the society as a whole. These services should be provided in the context of the family, in partnership with the parents by assisting with decisions, priorities and directions of intervention for developmental differences. We help children when we strengthen families. Each family situation and infant needs are unique. The Goals of Great Steps Ahead Are To: 1. Support Families 2. Enhance Children’s Development 3. Adapt Materials and Methods 4. Collaborate With Other Professionals 5. Transition Children Smoothly We Will Meet These Goals By: 1. Listening to Parents 2. Providing Continuing Education Opportunities for Staff 3. Providing Training, Materials and Resources to Families 4. Raising Community Awareness 5. Remaining Flexible, Sensitive and Creative


Owens Valley Career Development Center
760-873-5107 ext 251
OVCDC is the proud recipient of an ACEs Aware communications grant. ACEs stand for Adverse Childhood Experiences and are a measure of exposure to childhood trauma. Science indicates that the more exposure we have to adversity in our early years, the more likely we are to develop toxic stress physiology. ACEs and toxic stress are linked to a number of concerning health and wellness challenges such as cardiovascular disease, incarceration, diabetes, depression, substance abuse, learning challenges, asthma and more. The good news is that that toxic stress is amenable to treatment. As the Wellness Navigator my role is to serve the people of Inyo County by connecting them with resources, services, and information that promotes healing. For this reason I have created a resource directory and resource flow chart. Both resources can be found on the OVCDC website. We also hope to build awareness on these topics through community education, social media, workshops, and presentations. Please check out our Instagram account Inyo_county_resilient as well as our short film entitled Rural Resilience (which can also be found on the OVCDC YouTube channel) if you want to learn more about these subjects. Additionally we provide workshops and presentations on ACEs and toxic stress as well as practical steps to encourage healing. As the Wellness Navigator I hope to support people in developing enhanced wellness practices and accessing services that help to mitigate toxic stress and ACEs. Finally we are advocating for local agencies to conduct more ACE screenings. By taking a five minute questionnaire one can determine their ACE score. Your ACE score is a number between one and ten that represents exposure to adversity before you turn 18. For reference around two thirds of Americans have at least one ACE, and around 16% have four or more ACEs. You can find your ACE score and more helpful information on these topics here: Explore your number – Your Number Story  ACE screening is particularly important for younger members of the community in order to promote early detection, healing, and referrals to appropriate care. If you wish to learn more on these subjects, attend an ACEs workshop, create a wellness plan, or just have a conversation please do not hesitate to reach out. I can be contacted at (760) 873-5107 ext 251 or Attached is the Resource Flowchart. The Resource Flowchart is a simple visual that lists the essential services in Inyo County and the phone numbers to reach them. Please consider printing and hanging on your fridge or sharing with friends and relatives. Or visit here for the Inyo County Resource Directory.

IMAH Sierra Thrift Mall

IMAH is a non profit 501 (c)(3) agency and was founded in 1973 by a group of concerned parents and community members. IMAH is a day program for adults with intellectual disabilities. Our program includes a host of components including independent living skills classes, work adjustment training, pre-vocational training and self advocacy training. We have our Thrift Store, the Sierra Thrift Mall. We use the store as our training ground each client works in the store and earns a pay check. We offer our Work Opportunities Program which allows us to have our Clients work out in the public with a job coach. The job coach stays with them for as long as needed in order to insure their success. We also have Supported Living Services (SLS). This program allows a client to live on their own in an apartment or home of their choice. We provide support staff that helps in their everyday needs like shopping, cleaning, dr appointments and many other things. Our staff is there to support them not do everything for them and we provide as much support as needed. Some Clients may need 24 hour support while others only need an hour or 2 a day or a week. We also provide the transportation to and from our day program we drive 600 miles a day. We are the only day program in Inyo and Mono county so we provide service from Lone Pine to June Lake. IMAH is not a county or state run program. We are funded through various types of funding 40% of our income comes from IMAH’s Sierra Thrift Mall, 15% comes from foundations and community support and 45% comes from Regional Center funding. Regional centers are private, non-profit corporations operating under contract with the State of California through the Department of Developmental Services. IMAH contracts with a Regional Center (Kern Regional Center) to provide services to adults with intellectual disabilities. The thrift mall is open Mondays-Fridays, 11am-5pm, and Saturdays, 9am-4pm.

Special Education – Inyo County Office of Education

Inyo County Office of Education
760-873-3262 x2185
The Special Education Department provides a variety of services on behalf of the districts to students with disabilities. It is an advocate to support school districts, families and agencies to assure full educational opportunities for identified students within a range of program options, including:
  • Infant & Preschool Special Day Programs
  • School Psychologist Services
  • CCARE (Catching Children At Risk Early)
  • Eastern Sierra Infant Connection
  • North Star Counseling Center
  • Community Advisory Committee
  • Interagency Collaboration Committee
In addition, the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) is administered by ICOE on behalf of the various districts. The SELPA provides technical support for special education issues throughout Inyo County.  Inyo SELPA Local Plan  Section A: Contact and Certifications Section D: Annual Budget Plan Section E: Annual Service Plan  Local Plan Attachments  760-873-3262 Ext. 2185


Supplying Hope & Initial Needs for Empowerment

SHINE is dedicated to providing support, resources, and solutions for creating just and engaged communities.

Our vision is for everyone to have equal access to safe and affordable housing, adequate nutritious food, quality health care, and a livable wage job to support self and family.

At SHINE, we believe there is no higher calling than to help people in need.  We are obsessive and passionate about the work we do.

It is SHINE’s philosophy that when a person’s basic needs are met, potential barriers are lowered and the opportunity for stability and building self-sufficiency begins. When people don’t have to worry about putting a roof over their heads or putting food on the table, they are better able to focus on the future.

Shine’s goal is to assist with basic needs so that individuals have opportunities to achieve their highest potential.

Bishop Indian Education Center

Bishop Paiute Tribe
The goal of the Education Center is to provide quality educational supportive services for the youth of the tribe and surrounding community by maintaining a positive, supportive, and respsonsible staff dedicated to the development of well-rounded individuals. The Education Center will monitor student progress, offer tutorial services, workshops, scholarship opportunities, college and career counseling, mediation, parent conflict support, as well as a various activities for both parents and students.


  • After school tutoring for students 1st – 8th grade emphasizing reading and math
  • Evening tutoring is available to high school students and adults needing assistance with all academic subjects

Parent Supportive Services

  • Educational, social, and cultural activities and workshops are available to parents
  • Educational counseling
  • Conflict support
  • Mediation
  • Academic Support
  • Computer Support

Scholarships / College & Career Counseling

  • Tribal Scholarships – BIA and Bishop Tribal Scholarships are available to all enrolled Tribal members attending post-secondary institutions
  • Assistance with Federal Aid Forms, college and career counseling are also available – CONTACT STUDENT SERVICES COORDINATOR (760) 873-8740

Resource Family Approval

Aging and Social Services, Inyo County
The Resource Family Approval (RFA) program was developed to help meet California’s goal of ensuring that all children live in committed, nurturing, and permanent families. Specifically, RFA establishes a new family-friendly and child-centered approval process for all related and non-related families seeking to care for children and youth in foster care. Visit here to apply to become a Resource Family. Contact Christina Bonanno at 760-872-1727  for support in setting up an account, or email and indicate that you want to apply through Inyo County. You will receive a link via email to set up an account and complete an application. The Resource Family Approval program is operated by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS).

California Home Visiting Project

Inyo County Health and Human Services
The You and Me Under 3 Home Visiting Program is a personalized home visiting program offered through Inyo County Health and Human Services Public Health and Prevention Division, with funding and support from First 5 Inyo County and Maternal Child Adolescent Health programs. The program is available to pregnant women and families with children prenatally to 3 years old residing in Inyo County. Home visitors are certified users of Parents as Teachers Curriculum who specialize in child development and breastfeeding support. Through consistent home visits, home visitors will provide information on caring for children; help with questions and concerns; offer maternal mental health screenings; provide education and support about child development; and connect to a network of local support for families, activities and resources in the community The Child Home Visiting Project is offered through First 5, Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS)
Child Development

Child Care Connection Toy Lending Library

Inyo County Office of Education
The Toy Lending Library offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor toys, games, puzzles, and educational activities. There are toys and activities available for a wide variety of ages. Families can check-out seven items at a time, for two weeks. If a family wishes to hold on to items for longer, they can call the office to extend the check-out for an additional month. There is a six week max for toy check-out. The Toy Lending Library is a membership based program. If you are interested, visit the Child Care Connection office to fill out the brief membership form, and pay a one time $5 fee. You will also need to provide a form of ID. The Toy Lending Library is open Monday – Thursday 8am – 4:30pm, and Friday 8am – 4pm.
Child Development

Child Care Connection Alternative Payment Program

Inyo County Office of Education
760-873-5123 x2123

The Inyo County Office Of Education (ICOE), Child Development Division (CDD) receives state and federal funding to provide programs to assist low-income families with the cost of child care services. The Alternative Payment Program and CalWORKs Stages 1, 2 & 3 programs are operated by ICOE CDD and serve nearly 200 children in Inyo County. These programs allow parents to choose from a variety of child care options to best meet the needs of their children. Child care may be provided in:

  • Licensed child care centers

  • Licensed family child care homes

  • License-exempt homes that meet program requirements

Alternative Payment Program
  • Provides child care assistance for low-income families

  • Serves children 0 to 13 years of age

  • Families must meet program eligibility and need criteria which is reviewed and verified at least once per year

  • Families are enrolled from an Eligibility List (EL) based upon greatest eligibility.

  • For more information regarding this child care subsidy program or to request an application for the EL, please call (760) 873-5123 x.0 or

Check back soon to access the EL application materials online.

CalWORKs Stage 1
  • Provides child care assistance for low-income families who currently receive public cash assistance through Inyo County Health & Human Services (HHS)

  • Serves children 0 to 13 years of age

  • Families must receive a referral from their HHS caseworker to determine eligibility and need for this program.

CalWORKs Stages 2 and 3
  • Provides child care assistance for low-income families who previously received public cash assistance through the Department of Social Services

  • Serves children 0 to 13 years of age

  • Families must meet program eligibility and need criteria which is reviewed and verified at least once per year

  • Stage 2: Families may qualify for CalWORKs Stage 2 by documenting that they have been off of public cash assistance for less than two years. Families may be eligible for these services for up to two years after they no longer receive public cash assistance. If child care services continue to be needed after the two-year period ends, eligible families may qualify for Stage 3 child care services.

  • Stage 3: Families may qualify for CalWORKs Stage 3 if they transfer directly from a Stage 2 program. Families may continue to receive child care services through this program as long as funding is available and they continue to meet need and eligibility criteria and program requirements.

How to apply for help with child care payments?

Eligibility list application documents are available to download below:

For more information about any of the child care subsidy programs (i.e. the Alternative Payment Programs), email or call (760) 873-5123 x. 2123.

Child Development

Child Care Connection Preschool Program

Inyo County Office of Education

Our State Preschool Program offers free preschool to families who are income eligible at the following locations:

Los programas preescolares del estado se ofrecen gratis para las familias cuales califican basado en los ingresos. Nuestros programas preescolar son:

  • Big Pine State Preschool (Lic. # 143801727)

  • Bishop State Preschool (Lic. # 144803397)

  • Round Valley State Preschool (Lic. # 144802244)

  • West Bishop State Preschool (Lic. #143808560)

The state preschool program offers:

  • Kindergarten readiness

  • A chance to make friends and have fun

  • Adventures and discovery in science activities

  • Opportunities to explore, achieve, learn , and play

Families whose gross income is equal to or less than the amount shown for the corresponding family size may be determined eligible.


Los programas preescolares del estado ofrecen:

  • Preparacion para el Kindergarten (escuela primaria)

  • Una oportunidad para conocer amigos y divertirse

  • Aventuras y descubrimiento a traves de actividades cientificas

  • Oportunidades para explorer, aprender y jugar

Sugerimos que todas las familias visiten las preescolares antes de la matricula.


Child Development

Child Care Connection Play Days

Inyo County Office of Education

A free monthly kids event. At Play Days you and your child, or the child(ren) you care for, will hear a story and then have several fun learning activities to do together related to the book we read on the videos. You will take a short survey after watching the video to win a free book and the activities to go along with the book. Call to learn more and find out future dates.

Toiyabe Indian Health Project Mobile App

Toiyabe Indian Health Project
Toiyabe Indian Health Project strives to promote cultural values and integration of indigenous healing to support overall wellbeing. This app provides access to opioid and substance use disorder screening, behavioral health and substance use recovery tools, an opportunity for community members to learn language and find resources within the community to support wellness. You will learn more about the healthcare services Toiyabe offers and will have the opportunity to make an appointment with a provider directly from the palm of your hand. Please seek the advice of a doctor before making any treatment decisions. View the attached flyer for more information on how to download the App.

IMACA Tax Assistance

Since 1980, IMACA has passionately served the many communities of Inyo and Mono counties as the sole Community Action Agency in the area. With the support of generous donors and dedicated volunteers and community partners, we strive to see our mission through – our mission to support, educate, empower, and advocate for vulnerable populations in our community. The tax assistance program is currently only available in Mammoth. AARP Tax Aide Program Local volunteers provide free tax preparation services to Inyo and Mono residents. Ask about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Child and Dependent Care Credit (CDCTC)!

IMACA LIHEAP Utility Assistance and Weatherization

Since 1980, IMACA has passionately served the many communities of Inyo and Mono counties as the sole Community Action Agency in the area. With the support of generous donors and dedicated volunteers and community partners, we strive to see our mission through – our mission to support, educate, empower, and advocate for vulnerable populations in our community. Having trouble paying your energy bills? We can provide cash assistance to pay for: electric, wood, propane, or oil. We can also help if you are facing a crisis like a shut-off notice or a failing heating or cooling appliance. Begin the online application for utility assistance here. Can’t keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter? Apply for our FREE Weatherization Program for energy-efficient upgrades! Weatherized homes have lower home energy costs and are happier, safer, and healthier! Visit here to be added to the Weatherization waitlist.

IMACA Homeless Services and Prevention

Since 1980, IMACA has passionately served the many communities of Inyo and Mono counties as the sole Community Action Agency in the area. With the support of generous donors and dedicated volunteers and community partners, we strive to see our mission through – our mission to support, educate, empower, and advocate for vulnerable populations in our community. If you are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of it, please give us a call or apply below. Our services include emergency shelter, rental assistance, and transitional and permanent housing. 760-873-8557 You can also fill out an online application for services here.

IMACA Food Distribution

Since 1980, IMACA has passionately served the many communities of Inyo and Mono counties as the sole Community Action Agency in the area. With the support of generous donors and dedicated volunteers and community partners, we strive to see our mission through – our mission to support, educate, empower, and advocate for vulnerable populations in our community. Nobody should have to worry about their next meal. IMACA provides fresh produce and other staples to help people meet their nutritional needs. In response to COVID-19, we now operate a monthly drive-thru food distribution at 15 locations. Complete the intake process here.

IMACA Preschools

Since 1980, IMACA has passionately served the many communities of Inyo and Mono counties as the sole Community Action Agency in the area. With the support of generous donors and dedicated volunteers and community partners, we strive to see our mission through – our mission to support, educate, empower, and advocate for vulnerable populations in our community. IMACA believes that every child is unique and all children can learn. We know that children learn best with involved parents and through meaningful play. Whether state or private, we welcome ages 3 to 5 into our play-based, child-centered programs. Begin the Preschool application here. Preschool Sites Lone Pine 283 E. Locust St., Lone Pine, CA 93545 Bishop Clarke Street & Admin Office 180 Clarke St., Bishop, CA 93514 Little Promises 800 W. Elm St., Bldg. A, Bishop, CA 93514 Mammoth Lakes 365 Sierra Park Rd., Bldg. N, Mammoth Lakes, 93546 Lee Vining 296 Mattly Ave., Lee Vining, CA 93541 Coleville 111527 Hwy 395, Coleville, CA 96107

Brian L Carkeet Dentistry

Brian L Carkeet DDS. Family, Cosmetic, & Implant Dentistry
Dr. Brian Carkeet, Dr. Zila, and their staff welcome new and returning patients to our state-of-the-art dental practice in Bishop, CA. From routine cleanings and diagnostic exams to complex restorative procedures, we offer a wide range of dental services to suit the needs of each individual. Our team works closely with patients in our community to build healthy, beautiful smiles. At the office of Dr. Brian Carkeet and Dr. Mark Zila, we offer a host of general, cosmetic, and restorative dental services aimed at giving patients the best smile possible. To better tailor these services to fulfill each patient’s needs, our Inyo County, CA, dentist spends the time necessary to get to know their goals. Our practice is able to address a multitude of dental issues, including cavities, malocclusion, gum disease, and damaged or missing teeth. Patients can trust in our comprehensive services to improve their dental health, function, and esthetics.

Skyline Family Dentistry

Skyline Family Dentistry
Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Skyline Family Dentistry provides comprehensive dental care to Inyo County patients of all ages. Our dental care team is committed to providing our patients with a comfortable, welcoming environment where they are encouraged to take an active role in their oral health care. Taking a bioesthetic approach to your oral health, we provide comprehensive dental care that your unique dental health care needs. Our Skyline Family Dentistry team are some of the most qualified and caring dental professionals in the region. The dental care team is passionate, skilled, and focused on helping our patients enjoy their best smiles. Our mission is to improve your oral health and enhance your natural smile. Our Bishop, CA dentist office has incorporated some of the latest in dental technology. We provide state of the art diagnostic testing, digital imaging for treatment planning and perform dental procedures with the highest standard of precision and predictability. We also offer same day dental restorations with CEREC, full-service dental implant treatment plans, and use 3D Imaging and scanning.

Nutrition Services – NIHD

Northern Inyo Healthcare District
At Northern Inyo Hospital, we offer a variety of nutrition services that are designed to help you achieve optimal nutrition status, increase energy, and improve overall health. We believe the foundation of healthy living is fueling your body with personalized nutrition in addition to maintaining appropriate eating behaviors. Our clinical dietitians will build on your existing nutrition knowledge to help you balance protein, carbohydrate and fat in ways that will maximize nutrient density intake, help curb your appetite, and renew physical strength. Through evidenced based guided medical nutrition therapy, our clinical dietitians can support you in resolving or improving:
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Diabetes Management
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD)
  • Digestive Health
  • Weight Management
  • Picky Eating in Children
  • Sports Performance
  • Wound Care

Spika Dental

Spika Dental
When you visit Bishop dentist, Dr. Spika, at Spika Dentalyour smile is our top priority.  Our entire dental team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. We want you to be confident knowing that we are a team of highly trained and skilled clinicians. We pride ourselves in providing the care you need to keep your smile healthy. Part of our commitment to serving our patients at Spika Dental, includes providing information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health needs.  This website is a resource we hope you’ll find both useful and interesting.

Bishop Real Estate

Bishop Real Estate
At Bishop Real Estate Rasmuson & Associates, you will find the services you need to get the job done. We offer a full range of property management services for both residential and commercial real estate, which means we can handle all of your rental management needs throughout Bishop, the Owens Valley and surrounding areas. And if you are looking for a place to rent for you or your business, there is a good chance we can help you find exactly what you need. Find available rentals here.

DeLaRosa Property Management

DeLaRosa Property Management
760-872-3188 online rental finder service is provided by DeLaRosa Property Management in Bishop, CA. Our team provides rental management service to the Owens Valley Community including Bishop, Big Pine, Lone Pine, Independence, Chalfant, Round Valley, Sunny Slopes, and everywhere in between. Our office hours are 9:00am – 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Office Phone: 760-872-3188 Find available rentals here.

Premier Property Management

Premier Property Management
Premier Property Management is here to help you get the most out of your rental experience. Based in Bishop, California, we manage rental properties as far north as Paradise and as far south as Big Pine and Independence. Whether you need assistance finding a great place to live, or if you are interested in management services for your income property, Premier Property Management can help! Find available rentals here.

Achieve Behavioral Associates

Achieve Behavioral Associates
Achieve Behavioral Associates is a behavioral agency dedicated to making socially significant change in the lives of the families we work with.  Achieve is based in the greater Los Angeles Area and in Inyo, Mono, and Kern Counties. The clinical team of Achieve believes in a team and community approach, using resources within your family and the community to help your loved one Achieve all that they can. Our staff are dedicated people who have a passion for working with individuals with unique needs. Our agency subscribes to the best practice model of evidence-based Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). The techniques of ABA can assist individuals from every age group and skill set.

North Star Counseling Center

Inyo County Office of Education
760-873-3262 ext 2585
The purpose of North Star Counseling Center (NSCC) is to provide quality, culturally relevant, low cost counseling services to students and their families in Inyo County. Our school-based counseling program focus on prevention and early intervention strategies and treatments. Our mission is to improve the lives of the individuals we serve by providing tools and insights so they can better recognize, confront, and understand their challenges. All counseling services are confidential. North Star Counseling Center is a program under the Inyo County Superintendent of School’s Special Education Department. How do I access NSCC Services?
  • Contact your child’s school principal or support staff to get a referral for services.
  • Contact NSCC directly at Inyo County of Education (ICOE) (760) 873-3262 ext 2585
  • We make an effort to schedule appointments at convenient times for clients.
  • Session fees are sponsored by the Inyo County Superintendent of Schools and your child’s School District.

Veteran Services

Inyo County Veteran Services
The VSO acts as an advocate, provides counseling and assistance for the men and women who served in the Armed Forces of America, their dependents and their survivors relative to federal, state and local benefits entitled to them by law. We can assist you with: · Disability Compensation Claims · Pension Claims · Special Monthly Compensation · Burial Benefits · Death Pension · Dependent’s or Survivor’s Benefits · Housebound, Aid & Attendance · Appeal of VA Decisions · Health Care Enrollment Applications · Vocational Rehabilitation · Education benefits · State College Fee Waiver Program for eligible dependents · Request for Military Records · Discharge Upgrades · DMV Veteran License Verification · Information and Referral Assistance · Local Resources and Outreach​

Inyo County Behavioral Health

Inyo County Health and Human Services
New admissions go through an Intake process.  If you have a mental health concern and want to see what services are available to you, the process begins with the front office staff.  Information is collected and an intake appointment is scheduled. You can call us at 760-873-6533 or come into our office located at 1360 N Main St, Suite 124 in Bishop for more information or to begin the intake process. Crisis Counseling:  If you feel you want to hurt yourself or anyone else or you just can’t cope with your problem any longer, you can get crisis assistance through our offices. Other Services Assessment Medication Evaluation and Services Case Management/Social Work Individual Counseling Group Counseling Family Counseling Early and Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) Mental Health Services This service is provided by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS), Behavioral Health

Progress House

Inyo County Behavioral Health
Progress House is a 24-hour residential facility for adults with mental illness or co-occurring mental illness and addiction. Progress House – Inyo Co. Com. Mental Health Svcs. is a licensed Adult Residential. The Progress House is facilitated by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS), Behavioral Health.

Wellbriety Movement

Toiyabe Indian Health Project
A sustainable grassroots Wellbriety Movement that provides culturally based healing for the next seven generations of Indigenous people. Mission: Disseminate culturally based principles, values, and teachings to support healthy community development and servant leadership, and to support healing from alcohol, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and intergenerational trauma. Toiyabe is now offering Online Wellbriety Meetings, Monday-Friday from 11am-12pm. Download the flyers for my information on accessing the online meetings.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Drug abuse and addiction are difficult to overcome on your own. Support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous can offer you a good and safe environment in which to recover in the long term. In case you are not in a position to afford the cost of addiction treatment, you can also rely on NA as an alternative or substance abuse recovery program. A list of current NA meetings hosted in Bishop, California can be found below:

Church Of The Nazarene
900 West Line Street Bishop, CA 93514
Saturday – 7:00 PM
Salvation Army
621 West Line Street, Bishop, CA 93514
Wednesday – 7:00 PM
Toiyabe Family Services
50 North Tu Su Lane, Bishop, CA 93514
Sunday – 6:00 PM
Tribal Elders Building
250 Diaz Lane, Bishop, CA 93514
Sunday – 4:00 PM Thursday – 6:00 PM

Al-Anon Meetings

Alcoholism can destroy a family and loved ones. Groups like Al-Anon provide support and help to families who have been affected by alcohol addiction. Below is a list of Al-Anon meetings in Bishop, California. Due to COVID, meetings may be virtual. Northern Inyo Hospital Wednesday Night 12x12x12
150 Pioneer Lane Bishop, CA
Wednesday – 7:00 PM   Bishop United Methodist Church Monday Night Al-Anon
205 N. Fowler St. Bishop, CA
Monday – 7:00 PM

Alpine Recovery Center

Alpine Recovery Center
Alpine Center for Counseling & Recovery is a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center with a primary focus on mental health and substance abuse treatment based at 375 East Line Street in Bishop, CA. The facility provides detoxification services to the public. The treatment center provides outpatient and partial hospitalization care. There are special groups and programs for criminal justice groups. No special language services are available. Payments via medicare, private insurance, military insurance, and access to recovery voucher are accepted. Payment assistance is offered by way of sliding fee scale.

Tobacco Education Program

Inyo County Health and Human Services
(760) 872-1885
The Inyo County Tobacco Education Program is funded by the California Tobacco Control Program. We provide community education surrounding Tobacco* Control policies, help youth build leadership skills through coalition work and provide cessation resources and referrals for the community. If you or a loved one would like help to quit smoking or vaping, please visit or call:
  • Smokers: 1-800-NO-BUTTS (1-800-662-8887)
  • Vape Users: 1-844-8-NO-VAPE (1-844-866-8273)
  • Tobacco Chewers: 1-800-844-CHEW (1-800-844-2439)
  • Chinese: 1-800-838-8917
  • Korean: 1-800-556-5564
  • Spanish: 1-800-45-NO-FUME (1-800-456-6386)
  • Vietnamese: 1-800-778-8440
*Tobacco refers to commercial tobacco products The Tobacco Education Program is provide by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS).

Public Health Clinic

Inyo County Health and Human Services

We are Leaders of Change Empowering Healthy Communities

The Public Health and Prevention Division works to promote and encourage healthy behaviors, prevent epidemics and the spread of disease, improve early child development, prevent injuries, respond to disasters that impact the medical and health delivery system and assist communities in recovery, and assure the quality and accessibility of health services throughout the county.
Public Health Clinic Hours
Due to COVID-19, the Public Health Clinic is open by appointment only and we are no longer accepting walk-ins. Please contact us to schedule your appointment.  The Public Health Clinic is offered by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS).

Southern Inyo Rural Health Clinic

Southern Inyo Health District
(760) 876-1146
Tucked in the shadow of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range, the Southern Inyo Community Clinic offers a full slate of rural health services, from yearly check-ups to urgent care. In partnership with Southern Inyo Hospital, we also provide a variety of specialists to help our patients stay healthy without traveling long distances. Finally, we’re expanding our outpatient testing and diagnostic services to allow you to follow up with these specialists in-house. Please contact us to see how we can help with your health care needs!

Southern Inyo Hospital

Southern Inyo Healthcare District
Southern Inyo Local Healthcare District is dedicated to maintaining and improving health of residents and visitors of the District through a coordinated health program, including acute inpatient and outpatient services, skilled nursing, education, referral services, and recruitment of health care personnel, with the support of the Citizens in Support of Southern Inyo Hospital, the Inyo County Supervisors, and the voters within the Southern Inyo Healthcare District boundaries. The Southern Inyo Healthcare District encompasses a diverse and highly coveted tourist destination, including the bottom of Death Valley (Badwater, -282 feet) and the top of Mt. Whitney (14,497 feet). In addition, it comprises a large part of the source waters for the Los Angeles aqueduct, which supplies up to 75% of the water for this growing city, a major filming locations for movies, commercials, and other projects from around the globe, and a large part of the Inyo National Forest, Alabama Hills National Recreation Area, and Death Valley National Park. It is estimated that more than 40% of employment in the county is accounted for by transportation, communication, utilities, and various other government agencies.

Northern Inyo Hospital

Northern Inyo Healthcare District
Northern Inyo Healthcare District (NIHD) hospital facilities contains state of the art equipment and qualified, licensed and certified staff to provide excellence in healthcare. NIHD has 25 inpatient beds, three operating room suites, eleven bays in our pre-operative/post-operative recovery area and eight bays in our emergency department. NIHD is accredited by The Joint Commission and licensed by the State of California Department of Public Health. As a Critical Access Hospital, we are committed to providing high quality, comprehensive care in the most patient friendly way, both locally and in coordination with trusted regional partners. NIHD serves the communities of our district and beyond.

Rural Health Women’s Clinic

Northern Inyo Healthcare District
At the Rural Health Women’s Clinic (RHC Women’s Health), we provide dedicated and compassionate care to women of all ages. This obstetrical and gynecology practice has been taking care of women from one generation to the next for more than 20 years. Whether you need a gynecological exam and care, guidance through menopause, birth control, or prenatal care, we are here to provide the care you need. Our Services Include:
  • Prenatal Care
    • Maternal Fetal Medicine Consultations
    • Genetic Testing
    • Free Walk-in Pregnancy Testing
    • High Risk Pregnancy Evaluation and Management
  • Contraceptive Care
    • Birth Control Consultations
    • IUD Insertion & Removal
    • Nexplanon Insertion & Removal
    • Depo-Provera Injections
  • Gynecology Consultations
    • Endometrial Biopsies
    • Colposcopies
    • Pessaries & Pelvic Prolapse Management
    • Well Woman Exams
    • Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
    • Full Range of Gynecological Surgical Services
    • Minimally Invasive Surgery (da Vinci Robotic Surgeries)
    • Vaginal & Pelvic Reconstruction Surgery
    • Urinary Incontinence Surgery
    • Hysteroscopy

Behavioral Health – NIHD

Northern Inyo Healthcare District
The Rural Health Center at Northern Inyo Healthcare District’s Behavioral Health Department has a strong commitment and focus on serving our rural community with compassion and care. The cornerstone of our philosophy is valuing each person’s worth, dignity and wholeness in body, mind and spirit. At Rural Behavioral Health we are dedicated to demonstrating our unparalleled commitment to wellness, community and clinical excellence. Through evidenced based psychotherapy, our clinicians can support you in resolving or improving problems that involve:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Mood and Energy Regulation
  • Motivation
  • Personal Crisis
  • Relationship Issues
  • Chronic Pain
  • Grief
  • Obsessive Thoughts/Compulsive Behaviors
  • Eating Patterns
  • Pain Management
  • Adjusting to Change
  • Health and Wellness
  • Trauma
  • Wound Care
A primary care physician referral is need to schedule an appointment. For further questions, please contact our office at 760-873-2849 x3652  

Rural Health Clinic

Northern Inyo Healthcare District
We provide healthcare the good old-fashioned way — by developing and maintaining a close relationship with you and your whole family. We believe in a partnership that connects you with one of our highly skilled and trained teams that knows you, your healthcare history and your healthcare goals. Through our advanced technology, access to current information, and connections to the best specialists, we all work together to keep you and your family as healthy as possible. We Provide Services In:

Bishop Pediatric and Allergy

Northern Inyo Hospital
Keeping children healthy takes an entire community. We partner with families to promote a healthy lifestyle for children so that they can achieve their greatest potential. We work closely with the school district, early childhood intervention specialists, the health department, WIC, mental health services, and many others in the community who help care for and support children and their families. We offer the following services: Preventative care from newborn through age 21 years Evaluation and treatment of pediatric patients with acute illness Management and care coordination for pediatric patients with chronic medical conditions Allergy testing for environmental and food allergies. Walk-in services for established patients including: Immunizations Blood Pressure Checks Weight Checks Fluoride Varnish Treatments WIC Forms Anemia Testing Hearing Screening for Patients 4+ Age Appropriate Vision Testing for Patients 9+ Months

Substance Abuse Program – Toiyabe

Toiyabe Indian Health Project
The counselors follow the Matrix model that has been culturally adapted towards the Native population, included in the Intensive Outpatient Program groups are drug testing and individual sessions with counselors that help on the road to recovery. The Intensive Outpatient Program includes:
  • Relapse prevention
  • Early recovery
  • Drug testing
  • Individual, group and family counselling
  • Acupuncture
  • Referrals to treatment programs
  • Outreach to incarcerated patients

Youth Prevention Program – Toiyabe

Toiyabe Indian Health Project
The Family Services Youth Prevention Program organizes drug and alcohol free activities for youth. Youth activities include:
  • Boys and girls group through the school year, covering the TIHP service area of Inyo and Mono County
  • Prep hikes followed by the Trade Walk
  • Tribal PREP covering teen responsibility, pregnancy, STDs, STIs, and HIV prevention
  • Youth conferences – Youth Leader Summit and the Youth Health Summit
  • Nuumu Life Skills for K-5th grades
  • Indigenous Games
  • Individual Sessions
  • Creative Writing
  • Signs of Suicide (SOS) and self-injury
  • Healing Our Own People (HOOP) and historical trauma
Click here to download the Youth Activities Release Form.

Nutrition Services Program – Toiyabe Indian Health Project

Toiyabe Indian Health Project
The Nutrition Services Program helps you learn how to lead a healthier life through better food choices. Our registered dietician separates facts from fads and translates the latest medical information on diet and nutrition into practical uses. Physical condition, food preferences, and standards of living are all considered to create a healthy, realistic eating plan. For information about the Nutrition Services Program, please contact one of our two dietitians: Dee Messih; Email:; Phone: 760-873-8461, ext. 270 Shannon Beasley; Email:; Phone: 760-873-8461, ext. 384

Family Services – Toiyabe Indian Health Project

Toiyabe Indian Health Project
Toiyabe’s Family Services department strives to strengthen Native American families and communities by providing professional therapeutic counseling tailored to the needs of our patients, with a strong emphasis on cultural and traditional activities. Our highly trained team can provide therapy to adults and children alike, in a variety of formats as appropriate for any situation, including individual, couple, family, and group therapy. Additionally, we utilize many different approaches to assist our patients, including prevention strategies and counseling interventions. Family Services hosts various other activities for our community members to take part in throughout the year, such as our annual Safe Talk Training, and Walk for Life suicide prevention event.
  • Substance Abuse
  • Mental Health
  • Youth Prevention

Dental Services – Toiyabe Indian Health Project

Toiyabe Indian Health Project
The dental staff at Toiyabe is fully trained in using advanced digital imaging and new dental materials, including bonded ceramic crowns. Toiyabe Dental Services sees both adult and pediatric patients.

1. Preventive Dentistry

2. Oral Diagnosis

3. Oral surgery

4. Operative dentistry

6. Endodontics

7. Periodontics

8. Pediatrics

9. Orthodontics

10. Panoramic and Cephalometric dental x-rays

Medical Services – Toiyabe Indian Health Project

Toiyabe Indian Health Project
  • Acupuncture
  • Allergy shots
  • Comprehensive family planning (including oral contraception, Depo-Provera, barrier methods, and IUD placement)
  • Counseling and referral to outside providers for natural family planning and adoption
  • Diagnosis and treatment of common eye, ear, nose and throat diseases with referral as necessary to specialists
  • Geriatric medicine
  • HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C counseling and testing services
  • Immunizations
  • Management of all forms of chronic disease (especially diabetes, chronic lung disease, COPD, hypertension, renal disease, cardiac disease, and arthritis)
  • Management of common psychiatric disorders (including anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and depression)
  • Monthly nursing home rounds for patients in nursing homes in Bishop
  • Orthopedics (including trauma and fracture care)
  • Outpatient surgery (skin and soft tissue tumors of moderate size removed, laceration repair, and incision and drainage of abscesses)
  • Pediatrics
  • Rheumatology
  • Sports medicine
Call and schedule your next visit with Toiyabe today!

California Children’s Services

Department of Health Care Services
CCS is a State program for children with certain diseases or health problems. Through this program, children up to 21 years old can get the health care and services they need. CCS will connect you with doctors and trained health care people who know how to care for your child with special health care needs The CCS program provides diagnostic and treatment services, medical case management, and physical and occupational therapy services to children under age 21 with CCS-eligible medical conditions. Examples of CCS-eligible conditions include, but are not limited to, chronic medical conditions such as cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, cerebral palsy, heart disease, cancer, traumatic injuries, and infectious diseases producing major sequelae. CCS also provides medical therapy services that are delivered at public schools. The CCS program is administered as a partnership between county health departments and the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). Currently, approximately 70 percent of CCS-eligible children are also Medi-Cal eligible. The Medi-Cal program reimburses their care. The cost of care for the other 30 percent of children is split equally between CCS Only and CCS Healthy Families.  The cost of care for CCS Only is funded equally between the State and counties.  The cost of care for CCS Healthy Families is funded 65 percent federal Title XXI, 17.5 percent State, and 17.5 percent county funds. In addition, Insurance Code Sections 12693.62, 12693.64 and 12693.66, relating to the California’s Healthy Families Program, provides that the services authorized by the CCS program to treat a Healthy Families plan’s subscriber’s CCS-eligible medical condition are excluded from the plan’s responsibilities. The participating health plan’s responsibility for providing all covered medically necessary health care and case management services changes at the time that CCS eligibility is determined by the CCS program for the plan subscriber. The health plan is still responsible for providing primary care and prevention services not related to the CCS-eligible medical condition to the plan subscriber so long as they are within the Healthy Families program scope of benefits. The health plan also remains responsible for children referred to but not determined to be eligible for the CCS program.

Inyo County Office of Education – Child Development

Inyo County Office of Education
We provide early education, care, and support services to children, families, and child care providers. Our goal is to support parents in their role as their child’s primary teacher and promote the future academic success of all children by offering the highest quality early education services. The Child Development Division is home to the following programs and more:
  • Child Care Resource and Referral – Brochures: (English)
  • Quality Counts – Quality Rating & Improvement System – Brochures: (English)
  • Training, technical assistance, and support for center-based staff as well as licensed, and license-exempt, child care providers
  • A book, toy, and parent resource lending library open to the public
  • Play Days: fun, engaging, hands-on learning activities for children in the care of parents, grandparents, and license-exempt caregivers
  • The Child Care Planning Council
  • Alternative Payment: subsidized child care services for low-income families who are working, students, individuals seeking employment, or those in training
  • Cal WORKS Child Care: subsidized child care services for families currently receiving cash aid or families who have received cash aid within the last 24 months
  • The Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP): specialized training for licensed family child care home providers serving children zero to age 13
  • The California State Preschool Program: a kindergarten readiness program for children ages three to five, free for families who income qualify, but also open to full-pay families.
  • The California Preschool Instructional Network (CPIN): specialized training on the California Preschool Learning Foundations and Preschool Curriculum Frameworks, aligned to K-12 content standards
  • Trustline: TrustLine is the California registry of in-home and license-exempt child care providers (babysitters and nannies) who have passed a background check.  TrustLine was created by the California Legislature to give parents an important tool to use when selecting a caregiver for their children.  It is the only authorized screening program of in-home and license-exempt caregivers in the state with access to fingerprint records at the California Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI and access to California’s Child Abuse Central Index.  TrustLine is endorsed by the California Academy of Pediatrics.  TrustLine can be reached at 1-800-822-8490 or

City of Bishop After School Program

City of Bishop
The After School Program is designed to provide positive after school activities for students K-4th grade within a safe, secure and enriching environment. A trained and caring staff supervises the program.  Educational and recreational activities geared to the interest of the participants are provided and will include: homework help, arts and crafts, sports, games, special events, music days, group activities and Friday field trips. Field trips include: Pizza Factory, Bowling Alley, Gymnastics, Movie Theater, High School Sport Events, Special Holiday Community Events, Bike Days, FFA Farm, Pumpkin Patch, and so much more!

OVCDC Early Head Start

Owens Valley Career Development Center
The Early Head Start Program provides children the opportunity to grow and learn in a safe, healthy, loving and culturally rich environment. “Caring for your children is our business so that you can have peace of mind.”

Bishop Indian Head Start

Bishop Paiute Tribe
The Mission of the Bishop Indian Head Start program is to provide a safe, healthy, nurturing and stimulating learning environment, and to promote the school readiness of children age three to five by enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development by creating a learning environment that supports children’s growth in language, literacy, mathematics, science, emotional functioning, creative arts, physical skills, approaches to learning, and cultural diversity. The Bishop Indian Head Start Program’s Vision is to provide families, children, staff, and the community with a diverse learning experience. Bishop Indian Head Start collaborates with community services to provide education on parenting, leadership, disabilities, health, mental health, nutrition, fitness, and culture. The Bishop Indian Head Start Program’s Philosophy is to create a developmentally appropriate, individualized and enriched environment for every child. Bishop Indian Head Start believes in the empowerment of families so that they may make informed decisions about their children’s education and well-being. The Mission of the Bishop Indian Head Start program is to provide a safe, healthy, nurturing and stimulating learning environment, and to promote the school readiness of children age three to five by enhancing their cognitive, social, and emotional development by creating a learning environment that supports children’s growth in language, literacy, mathematics, science, emotional functioning, creative arts, physical skills, approaches to learning, and cultural diversity. The Bishop Indian Head Start Program’s Vision is to provide families, children, staff, and the community with a diverse learning experience. Bishop Indian Head Start collaborates with community services to provide education on a variety of topics. The Bishop Indian Head Start Program’s Philosophy is to create a developmentally appropriate, individualized and enriched environment for every child. Bishop Indian Head Start believes in the empowerment of families so that they may make informed decisions about their children’s education and well-being. All families in the Bishop area are given the opportunity to apply for transportation. Children with disabilities on an I.E.P. are assured placement if needed on the bus for transportation or arrangements will be made with the LEA to determine who will provide arrangements for the needed transportation services. The nutrition program implements nutrition services that are culturally and developmentally appropriate, meets the nutritional needs of and accommodates the feeding requirements of each child, including children with special dietary needs and children with disabilities. Family style meals are encouraged. To apply for the Child Adult Food Care Program fill out the application found here.

Grace Lutheran Preschool

Grace Lutheran Christian Preschool
The philosophy of Grace Lutheran Preschool is founded in the truth that each child is a gift from God.  A Christian education, by both example and instruction enables a child to discover that our God is a loving and forgiving God.  At Grace, children learn and grow in a warm and loving Christian environment where they can develop to their fullest potential. We stress the total development of the whole child:  spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, and creatively.  Education at Grace is a ministry to both child and family.  Our program is designed to support, encourage, and give opportunities that enhance the education and development process present at home.  Therefore, our education program plans developmentally appropriate activities. Grace Lutheran Preschool is a servant of our Lord, reaching out to bring church, home, and community into harmony.  Our school is committed to small classrooms and providing an environment for living, thinking, and learning which will allow each child to experience success at the present and upon which future success can be built. If you are interested in having your child attend Grace Lutheran Preschool, email

Rainbow Connection

Seventh Day Adventist
RAINBOW CONNECTION is a DAY CARE CENTER in BISHOP CA, with a maximum capacity of 30 children. The provider does not participate in a subsidized child care program.

Discovery Point Preschool and Early Learning Center

Discovery Point Preschool and Early Learning Center
Discovery Point Preschool believes in a hands-on, play based philosophy of early childhood education. Discovery Point has a varied schedule of child centered and teacher directed activities giving a balance of freedom and structure to your child’s day. Play based environments increase the child’s motivation to learn and try new things, build creativity, confidence, and a love for school. Kids get to learn about a wide variety of subjects in an age-appropriate way. As each child develops at his or her own pace, teachers at Discovery Point support and encourage students to try slightly more challenging activities when they’re ready. We strive to ensure that all children in our program enter kindergarten with a basic understanding of school structure, social competence, foundational concepts, happy and ready to learn! Add your child to the waitlist here.

Wild Roots Forest School

Wild Roots Forest School
Wild Roots offers a curriculum rich in direct experience with Nature that nurtures a sense of community and belonging among children, families and the land.  Drawing on a deep understanding and continuous exploration of child development, our small class size, high adult/child ratios, and the curriculum provide a foundation of respect for the developmental process and the unique unfolding of each child. Wild Roots meets in local, natural spaces. The sky is our ceiling, the trees are our walls, and the floor is the living Earth. Our students learn to identify local flora and fauna, recognize patterns in nature, build physical prowess, agility, and confidence, and develop a solid foundation for lifelong learning.  Our classes are busy foraging, recognizing plants that can heal or harm us, tracking and observing animals, observing changes on the land, painting, drawing, crafting, and playing in nature’s playground. Using wild harvested materials in our play and work helps us to experience our interdependence through all of our senses.   Apply for Wild Roots here. WILD ROOTS FOREST SCHOOL EASTERN SIERRA Director: Erin Boehme All inquiries contact Erin Boehme (805)570-3913 Bishop, CA 

Strive Behavioral Intervention

Strive Behavioral Intervention

Strive Behavioral Intervention provides therapy that utilizes the science of applied behavioral analysis and the principles of learning theory. Strive works with individuals and their families to increase identified skill deficits or delays and decrease undesired or problem behaviors. Skill acquisition goals often include language and communication, self-help skills, leisure and play skills, social skills, and safety skills. Undesired behaviors come in all shapes and sizes! These targets often include tantrums, whining/crying, elopement, hitting, biting, self-aggressing, and self-stimulation.

Strive works with a variety of individuals from various ages and different walks of life. We implement research-based interventions that have been proven effective, yet we know each person we service is his or her own person and his or her needs are specific and individualized.

Inyo County Free Library

Inyo County
The Inyo County Free Library was formed in 1913, serves a population of about 18,000, and has six branches. The Library has a rich collection of local history materials at the Central Library in Independence, the county seat. The library collection contains over 130,000 items, books, audio, and video, which can be discovered through our catalog.  This collection is also supplemented through our e-services with collections of e-books, downloadable audiobooks, e-magazines, and streaming video.  Public internet computers are available at all of the library branches. On a limited basis all branches of the Inyo County Free Library will be open to the public.  The following are the re-opening hours for the branches.

BISHOP: Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm

210 Academy Avenue Bishop, California 93514 Phone: 760-873-5115

BIG PINE:  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 12-5pm / Wednesday 2-7pm

500 South Main Street PO Box 760 Big Pine, California 93513 Phone: 760-938-2420

INDEPENDENCE:  Tuesday-Friday 12-5pm

168 North Edwards Street PO Drawer K Independence, California 93526 Phone: 760-878-0260

LONE PINE:  Tuesday-Friday 12-6pm

127 Bush Street PO Box 745 Lone Pine, California 93545 Phone: 760-876-5031

FURNACE CREEK:  Wednesday-Thursday 4:30-8:30pm / Saturday 9am-12

201 Nevares PO Box 568 Death Valley, California 92328 Phone: 760-786-2408

TECOPA:  Tuesday-Wednesday 7am-4pm

408 Tecopa Hot Springs Road PO Box 218 Tecopa, California 92389 Phone: 760-852-4171

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

First 5
We aspire to firmly establish Dolly Parton and the Imagination Library as the highest quality, most effective, instantly recognized, global book gifting resource that policymakers, early childhood organizations and families trust to help inspire a love of reading and learning in children as we provide the most powerful opportunity for children to dream more. Each month, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library mails a high quality, age appropriate book to all registered children, addressed to them, at no cost to the child’s family. Countless parents have shared how excited their child is when their new book arrives each month. Many groups and individuals work hard behind the scenes to make that special moment possible for each child. Available to all Inyo County children from birth until age five. Enjoy reading books with your child! Register your child here or call to register. Imagination Library is facilitated by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS).

Inyo County Outdoor Program

Inyo County, Health and Human Services
The purpose of this program is to provide your child with healthy choices, expose them to new experiences and provide educational, physical activity and social interaction opportunities, and most importantly to have fun! Spaces on these trips are limited, so please contact Tim at 760-873-5040 or 760-545-5181 to learn more or save a spot. The Outdoor Program is offered through Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS).

Bishop Paiute Tribe Family Formation Program

Bishop Paiute Tribe
It shall be the mission of the Bishop Paiute Tribe Family Formation program to provide quality cultural, educational and family oriented activities and services to the Bishop Paiute Indian Reservation. We recognize the importance and need of keeping families together, and we strive to provide the support to strengthen relationships while educating and encouraging our families. By strengthening our families, we will be preserving the Paiute culture and securing our future. Office Phone: 760-873-4473 ext 2700 

Self-Help Center & Family Law Facilitator

Superior Court of California
The Inyo Superior Court offers a free Self Help Center (SHC) to assist self-represented customers with a variety of basic legal issues. What We Help With:
  • Child Custody and Visitation Orders (modification)
  • Child and Spousal Support Orders (modification)
  • Civil Harassment Restraining Orders
  • Department of Child Support Services
  • Divorce & Legal Separation
  • Establishment of Paternity
  • Guardianships (person only)
  • Name Changes
  • Residential Evictions
  • Small Claims
Assistance is available by Individual appointment, walk-in, telephone, mail and fax.

Sierra Employment Services

Sierra Employment Services, Inc.
Sierra Employment Services, Inc. is a full-service employment agency specializing in temporary staffing, temp-to-hire, payroll accommodation and direct hire/placement employment opportunities. We are a service-oriented company that prides itself on our level of commitment to both our employees and clientele. Looking for work? Visit here to learn more. View Job Listings.

California Indian Manpower Consortium, Inc

California Indian Manpower Consortium
CIMC (California Indian Manpower Consortium, Inc.) is a non-profit organization that supports and assists American Indians, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians living in California. CIMC accomplishes this by offering vocational assessment and training, employment referrals and other activities that benefit the social welfare, educational and economic advancement of its member tribes, groups, organizations and the American Indian community as a whole.  

Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance

Bishop Paiute Tribe
Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance or TERO was initiated in 1992 by the Bishop Tribal Council. The role of TERO is to address the high rate of poverty, unemployment and underemployment that exist among Native people living on or near reservations. In addition, the ordinance ensures the elimination of discriminatory and other historical barriers tribal members face while seeking employment and business opportunities on reservations. TERO ensures the rights of Tribal members during all phases of employment, from interviews to hiring. In addition, TERO ensures Indian Preference, and Fair Employment practices on the Bishop Reservation are adhered to by all contractors and subcontractors who do work on the Reservation. Trainings and Resources Include
  • Job specific and safety classes, workshops and training
  • Employee preparation classes, such as resume and interviewing strategies
  • Referral to counseling services
  • Supportive services for Tribal members who are recently hired
  • Barrier removal strategies for alliances and collaboration between agencies
  • Any other necessary resource for Indian employee empowerment
  • Dispute resolution
  • Indian-owned business development

Inyo County Adult Education Program

Inyo County Office of Education
All programs are FREE to Inyo County residents over 18 years of age.
The Inyo County Adult Education Program is now enrolling students for our GED & High School Diploma Program, English as a Second/Other Language Program, and pre-GED & Adult Basic Skills Programs.
Complete the intake form here.

Cerro Coso Community College

Cerro Coso Community College
The Eastern Sierra College Center (ESCC) is an instructional site of Cerro Coso Community College serving areas of California including Bishop, Big Pine, Lone Pine, Independence, Death Valley and surroundings located in Inyo and Mono Counties. The stately Bishop Campus is a full service campus offering the opportunity to advance education by taking classes for transfer, fulfillment of career, technical education or simply for personal fulfillment. A wide range of classes are offered on campus, televised through interactive television or online in lengths ranging from a semester to a few weeks. Individuals are encouraged to explore the broad spectrum of offerings. Apply to Cerro Coso.

Bishop Paiute Tribe Social Services

Bishop Paiute Tribe
It shall be the mission of the Bishop Paiute Tribe Social Services program to assist enrolled tribal members in achieving self-sufficiency and family stability who reside within the service area of Inyo and Mono counties. Supportive Services can be provided to tribal members who meet the program criteria along with providing referrals for outside resources as they may be eligible for. The Social Services Department will strive to treat all tribal members in a fair and impartial manner and shall process all requests for assistance in a fair and expeditious manner. The Bishop Paiute Tribe Social Services Department administers federal, state and grant funded programs to our enrolled tribal members. These programs along with their description, funding information and eligibility and/or qualification and requirements are listed below. Services Provided: General Assistance The General Assistance Program is a temporary, emergency service used for the essential needs of food, clothing, shelter, and utilities to clients deemed eligible for services provided by the Bishop Paiute Tri be pursuant to the Code of Federal Regulation 25 CRF §20. Tribal CCDF M1ssion Tribal CCDF direct service dollars are to provide financial assistance to eligible and low-income families in need of child care. Parents can choose from available licensed or license exempt child care. Types of care might include: center-based care, group-home care, in-home care and relative/family-home care. All child care providers must meet applicable requirements including Tribal CCDF Provider Eligibility Standards. Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) LIHEAP is administered with federal funds through the u.s. Department of Health & Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, and is not tribally funded. LIHEAP provides utility assistance to low-income families who meet certain income based requirements as set forth by the annual federal poverty level index. Mandatory guidelines and specific application requirements are set forth as they apply to federal LIHEAP statutes. Every state and individual Tribe set forth their own eligibility requirements for the distribution of LIHEAP in their service area. Energy Assistance – is designated for winter heating or summer coolant costs, and if approved payment will be paid directly to the vendor for electric, natural gas or propane services. The energy assistance does not assist with past due or delinquent accounts, nor does it assist with deposits, disconnection notices, or reconnect ions in accordance to federal regulations. Crisis Assistance – is for emergency assistance to prevent disruption of service of gas or electricity. In order to be eligible to receive assistance the applicant’s household income must meet the State Median Guidelines.  

Indian Child Welfare Act

Bishop Paiute Tribe
Every child must have access to community based, culturally appropriate services that help them grow up safe, healthy, and spiritually strong – free from abuse, neglect, sexual exploitation, and the damaging effects of substance abuse. The Bishop Paiute Tribe ICWA Program will provide quality service and advocacy for the children and family members of the community. The program will place high regard to the cultural, tribal, spiritual and personal values, serving the people with respect and dignity. 760-873-3584 Ext. 2820  

Mental Health Crisis Line – Inyo County

Behavioral Health - Inyo County
If you are experiencing a mental health crisis please call our Inyo County 24/7 Access Line at 1-800-841-5011 or call 911. All services are available in your preferred language. Si usted está experimentando una crisis de salud mental, llame a nuestra línea de acceso 24 horas, 7 días de la semana del Condado de Inyo al 1-800-841-5011 o llame al 9-1-1. Todos los servicios están disponibles en su idioma preferido. The Mental Health Crisis Line is provided by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS).

Bishop Fire Department

City of Bishop
The Bishop Fire Department is a cooperation between the Bishop Rural Fire Protection District and the City of Bishop that provides fire protection and other emergency services in the Bishop area.  The Bishop Fire Department also serves the Bishop Paiute Reservation under contract with the Tribe.  As a result, the Bishop Fire Department is a cooperation between the Bishop Rural Fire Protection District and the City of Bishop that provides fire protection and other emergency services in the Bishop area.  The Bishop Fire Department also serves the Bishop Paiute Reservation under contract with the Tribe.  As a result, the Department’s service area includes Bishop, West Bishop, North Bishop, the Bishop Paiute Reservation, Rocking K, Laws, and Wilkerson. The Bishop Fire Department urges you to be fire safe and prevent fires before they start.  When a fire does start in the Bishop area, rest assured the Bishop Volunteers will be on their way to save lives and property.he Department’s service area includes Bishop, West Bishop, North Bishop, the Bishop Paiute Reservation, Rocking K, Laws, and Wilkerson.

Inyo County Sheriff

Inyo County Sheriff
With professionalism, respect, pride, and integrity, we protect lives and property; and in partnership with our community improve the quality of life by providing a safe and secure environment.

Bishop Police Department

City of Bishop
The Bishop Police Department staff works in partnership with the community to protect lives, property, and the quality of life. Success is realized by the continued low crime rate and approval of the community at large. To report an POLICE, FIRE OR MEDICAL emergency, please dial 9-1-1 To request an officer or report a non-emergency, please contact the Bishop Police Department at (760) 873-5866 and select option #2.

Tribal Police – Bishop Paiute Tribe

Bishop Paiute Tribe

Tribal Police 24 hour number 760-873-4477

Department Contact

David Blackeye: Tribal Police Chief Email: Phone: 760-873-4477 ext. 1940 Fax: 760-873-4409 Erica Williams: Public Safety Dispatcher Email: Phone: 760-873-4477 ext. 1930 Fax: 760-873-4409

Relief After Violent Encounters – RAVE

Bishop Paiute Tribe Social Services
Serving the Bishop Paiute Tribal Community RAVE is committed to standing up for victim rights and promoting justice and healing for victims of crime. We provide direct services to improve the overall quality of victim assistance. All services are free and completely confidential.

RAVE Services Provided:

  • Peer Crisis Counseling
  • Advocacy and Accompaniment
  • Assistance with Tribal and County Restraining Orders
  • Emergency Safe-Haven
  • Victim’s Rights and Legal information
  • Victim’s Compensation
  • Information
  • Safety Planning
  • Resources and Referrals
  • Emergency Transportation
  • Community Education
  • Outreach of Services

Providing Advocacy For:

  • Adult Physical Assault (Simple and Aggravated)
  • Adult Sexual Assault
  • Adults who were sexually Abused/Assaulted as a minor
  • Bullying (verbal, cyber, or physical)
  • Child Physical Abuse or Neglect
  • Child Pornography
  • Child Sexual Abuse/Assault
  • Domestic and/or Family Violence
  • Elder Abuse or Neglect
  • Gang Violence
  • Robbery
  • Stalking/ Harassment
  • Survivors of Homicide
  • Teen Dating Violence

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination. Services Offered:
  • Disaster Services
  • Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Food & Nutrition Programs
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Seasonal Services
  • Casework Services
  • Christian Education
  • Women’s Ministries
  • Worship Services – Sunday School
  • Worship Services – Youth Ministries
  • Worship Services – Children’s / Teen
  • Worship Services – Church
  • Men’s Ministries
  • Residential Camping Activities
  • Character Building Programs

Dial-a-Ride Eastern Sierra Transit

Eastern Sierra Transit
“Dial-a-Ride” or demand response bus service for ESTA serves a wide variety of passengers. Because of our rural communities and limited transportation services, our dial-a-ride service can and does carry both ambulatory and special needs passengers. Passengers with special needs require additional assistance and time and so priority may be given to these riders if service is limited. Drivers will assist passengers to and from the bus and entry door of destination, as needed. ESTA policy requires that all riders using wheelchairs must allow their wheelchairs to be secured by the driver before the bus begins travel. Riders who refuse to allow securement of their chair prior to transport will be refused service. All ESTA vehicles are equipped with seatbelts for both ambulatory and wheelchair users and riders are encouraged to use them. When advanced reservations are scheduled, passengers should be waiting for their bus ten minutes before and after the scheduled time. This is the “on time” window for ESTA dial-a-ride service. View the attached flyers for the current schedule.
BISHOP 1-760-873-7173
LONE PINE 1-760-614-0030

Eastern Sierra Transit

Eastern Sierra Transit Authority
Regularly scheduled bus routes throughout the Eastern Sierras. Visit the route map found here. Buy tickets in advance here. Lone Pine: 760-614-0030

Wellness Centers

Behavioral Health Division
Our Wellness Centers are rooted in the Strengths Model, which is an evidence-based practice that utilizes each person’s unique talents, skills, knowledge, interests, and other resources to help them move beyond the formal mental health system and achieve meaningful life goals. We recognize that mental health providers have a tremendous impact on the people we serve and that every interaction provides the opportunity to either build up or tear down a person’s hope and belief in their ability to achieve their dreams. Our goal is to provide services in a manner that lifts people up and communicates a belief that life beyond the mental health system is possible. What We Do Our Wellness Centers offer a range of individual and group services, such as case management, peer support, training workshops, and activity groups, which help people identify and achieve goals related to various life domains:
  • Housing, food, and other basic needs
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Finance and insurance
  • Legal and immigration
  • Supportive relationships
  • Health and wellness
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Spirituality and culture
Summer drop-in hours (May 1st through October 31st) Mon-Fri: 8am to 10am Tues-Fri: 3pm to 5pm Winter drop-in hours (November 1st through April 30th) Mon-Fri: 7am to 10am Tues-Fri: 2pm to 4pm Lone Pine Wellness Center 310 North Jackson Street 760-876-4574 Drop-in hours (year-round) Tues and Thurs: 10am to 1pm The Wellness Centers are offered by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS), Behavioral Health.

Bishop United Methodist Church

Bishop United Methodist Church
United Methodist Social Services (UMSS) is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in June, 2001 by the congregation of Bishop United Methodist Church.  UMSS was created to “provide services that address the expressed temporal needs and concerns of the people … that are not adequately met through existing structures.
The United Methodist Social Services (UMSS) currently offers the following programs/services:
Soup Kitchen & Shower Ministry – Providing nourishment for the body and spirit. Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
Due to COVID, lunch is currently available for pick-up from 12-12:30pm. Shower’s are currently unavailable, but should resume shortly. Shelf-stable foods and hygiene items also available.
Re-Entry & Recovery – Providing support and spiritual counsel for persons in Inyo County Re-Entry Court. Currently Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Al-Anon Meetings are being held on Zoom. Visit the calendar for schedule, or contact the United Methodist Church for more info

Kern Indian Education Center

Owens Valley Career Development Center
OVCDC Kern Indian Education Center is a service provider and advocate for Native youth, parents, and families. Staff is dedicated to addressing and serving the  cultural, educational and prevention related needs of American Indian and Alaska Native families. Our focus is on wellness and academic & cultural enrichment through youth, family and community services, activities, and events. Tutorial Component
  • Group Tutoring & Homework Assistance
  • September to May /  M-Th /  2:30 – 5:00pm
Higher Education
  • FAFSA Assistance
  • College Application and Enrollment Assistance, Scholarship/Financial Aid Assistance
  • California High School Exit Exam workshops
Family & Student Advocacy
  • Learning Disabilities referrals and school meetings,
  • Individual Education Plans (IEP),
  • Student Attendance Review Board (SARB)hearings,
  • varying Student & Family Advocacy issues & needs
Community Services & Resources
  • varying Community Resource Assistance i.e. referrals to Kern County agencies/resources
  • Community Library
  • Computer Lab
Student & Family Services
  • Educational & Cultural Field Trips
  • Community Gatherings focusing on Wellness, Culture & Education
  • Native Youth Group 2nd – 12th grade students only
Eligibility Any Native American student/ family within Kern County is eligible to receive KIEC services. Program Intake & Enrollment forms completed in office only. OVCDC Prevention Application completion required.

OVCDC Career Education

Owens Valley Career Development Center
The OVCDC Career Education Program (CEP) provides career development and training to Native Americans residing in Inyo and Mono Counties through the use of screening, preparation, training/education, and job placement services. Tuition and the loan of textbooks are provided to qualified students attending Cerro Coso Community College. Other Services Available:
  • Career Assessment
  • Assistance with Career & Educational Plans
  • Job Search & Referrals
  • Assistance with Résumé Writing
  • FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) – Assistance with  application Process
  • Supportive Services for Qualifying Individuals include Tuition/Books/Student Supplies & Fees
  • Use of computers
Qualification for our program is limited to adult students who:
  1. live in Inyo or Mono County, and
  2. have a high school diploma, or have passed the GED or CHSPE, and
  3. can provide proof of Native American tribal membership, or
  4. live in a Native American household

In-Home Supportive Services

Aging and Social Services
The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Program helps pay for services provided to aged, blind, or disabled individuals who are limited in their ability to care for themselves and cannot live at home safely without in-home care. IHSS is considered an alternative to out-of-home care, such as nursing homes or board and care facilities.
Some services that can be authorized through IHSS include: housecleaning, meal preparation, laundry, grocery shopping, personal care services (such as bowel and bladder care, bathing, grooming and paramedical services), accompaniment to medical appointments, and protective supervision for the mentally impaired. To be eligible for IHSS Services, a person must meet the following conditions: •        Be disabled, blind, or age 65 or older (children potentially eligible) •        Unable to live safely in their own home without assistance •        Meet financial need requirement

Inyo County General Assistance

Aging and Social Services, Inyo County
General Assistance/Relief provides temporary cash assistance for eligible county residents who have no other means of support. Any aid received must be repaid to the county. Completed hours of required Job Training may count toward repayment of the debt. To apply for General Assistance, contact the Aging and Social Services Department by completing this form. Bishop Office: 1360 N Main St., 760-872-1394 Lone Pine Office: 380 N. Mt. Whitney, 760-876-5545 This Public Assistance is provided by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS), Aging and Social Services


Aging and Social Services, Inyo County
CalWORKs is designed to transition people from welfare to work. It provides temporary cash assistance to eligible families with minor children, to move families with children from dependency to self-sufficiency through employment. Bishop Office: 1360 N. Main St, Suite 203-B, 760-872-1394 Lone Pine Office: 380 N. Mt. Whitney, 760-876-5545   CalWorks Public Assistance is provided by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS).

Inyo County Mentor Program

Health and Human Services

The Inyo County Mentor Program matches adults and youth with common interests and traits from our community to cultivate a one-on-one positive relationship.

The commitment of both the mentor and mentee is twelve months and to meet at least once a week for an hour. These meetings could be as simple has going to the school to have lunch or taking a walk and talking. It could be as in-depth as working on car engines. The important thing is quality one-on-one time between the mentee and mentor.

The Mentorship Program is offered by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS), Public Health and Prevention.

OVCDC Tuniwa Nobi Family Literacy Program

Owens Valley Career Development Center
The Tuniwa Nobi Family Literacy Program offers a variety of services to Communities throughout the Owens Valley. Services focus on Adult and Early Childhood Education.


Owens Valley Career Development Center
Tribal TANF aims to provide assistance to needy families so that their children may be cared for in their own homes. Tribal TANF also strives to end the dependence of needy parents on government benefits by promoting job preparation, work and marriage. Tribal TANF aims to prevent and reduce out-of-wedlock pregnancies, and to encourage the formation and maintenance of two-parent families.

Healthy Communities of Southern Inyo County

Healthy Communities of Southern Inyo County
Healthy Communities is a community 501 (c) (3) designated non-profit corporation committed to building better, healthier, and safer communities in Southern Inyo County through partnerships and collaboration with local individuals, business and civic groups, schools and other government agencies. Founded in 1998, Healthy Communities is a non-profit community organization. Our primary sources of funding come from Schiff-Cardenas Juvenile Prevention Program Grant and other community grants, as well as through local donations and fund-raising efforts.


Wild Iris Family Counseling and Crisis Center
Court Appointed Special Advocated (CASA) provides trained volunteers to be champions for the individualized best interests of children in Foster Care in Inyo and Mono counties. A CASA Volunteer is a consistent support for a child in their time of crisis. Advocates care deeply and work for the best interest of children who enter the court system as a result of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Advocates form a relationship with their assigned child and interview parents, teachers, social workers, and anyone who might have insight into the needs, challenges, and strengths of the child. Volunteers work as part of a team (with professionals) to ensure the child’s best interests are being met.

Bishop Paiute Tribe Food Sovereignty Program

Bishop Paiute Tribe
The Bishop Paiute Tribe’s Food Sovereignty Program (FSP) was formed under the Tribe’s Environmental Management Office (EMO) in 2015. The mission of the Bishop Paiute Tribe Food Sovereignty Program is working to increase access to and awareness of healthy, traditional and environmentally-responsible, community-grown food that sustains an independent and resilient program which acknowledges, preserves, and strengthens existing community food systems and tribal sovereignty.

Bishop Community Garden

UC Master Gardeners of Inyo and Mono County
A community garden with garden plots for rent, a free, sharing garden, and demonstration gardens. A place to grow, to take a stroll, relax, and admire the fruits of the community’s labor.

Wild Iris Transitional Housing Program

Wild Iris Family Counseling and Crisis Center
Transitional Housing offers a safe and empowering environment for people who have been harmed. This program allows them 24 months to work on a safer and healthier future.

Wild Iris Family Counseling and Crisis Center

Wild Iris Family Counseling and Crisis Center
Wild Iris is dedicated to promoting a safer community by empowering and restoring the independence of those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse. w Wild Iris is able to provide support for a wide variety of needs including peer counseling, transportation, day-to-day necessities, emergency housing, and support for those seeking legal protective orders. Bishop: 760-873-6601 Mammoth Lakes: 760-934-2491 24/7 Crisis Line: 1-877-873-7384


Aging and Social Services

Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid health care program. This program pays for a variety of medical services for children and adults with limited income and resources.

To begin the application process, visit here. 1360 N. Main St, Suite 203-B Bishop, CA 93514 (760) 872-1394 Bishop 380 N. Mt. Whitney. Lone Pine, CA 93545 (760) 876-5545 Lone Pine Medi-Cal Public Assistance is offered by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS).


Aging and Social Services
760- 872-1394
CalFresh is a program for low-income families and individuals that meet certain income guidelines. CalFresh benefits help supplement your food budget and allow families and individuals to buy nutritious food. CalFresh benefits are accessed by using an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card. An EBT card is used the same way you would use a debit or ATM card. Eligibility and the amount of CalFresh benefits issued depend on your household size, income and certain living expenses. To begin the process visit here. CalFresh is also known as Food Stamps or SNAP. CalFresh Public Assistance is offered by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS).

Bishop Unified School Counselors

Bishop Unified School District
The Bishop Unified School Counselors have teamed up to provide students and families with one place to meet all of your counseling needs.  Schedule an appointment by visiting the website.  Visit each school’s counseling web page for resources, Social Emotional Learning, and more!  We are here to support you in any way we can!  Check out the for announcements, featured students and teachers, and our unique Q & A section! Bishop Union High School Lara Andersen: 760-873-4275  x2794 Home Street Middle School Linda Sandoval: 760-872-1381  x5 Bishop Elementary School Kathleen Stout: 760-872-1278

Eastern Sierra Child Support Services

Child Support Services
Our mission is to promote the well-being of children and the self-sufficiency of families by delivering first-rate service that helps both parents meet the financial, medical, and emotional needs of their children.  We serve both Inyo and Mono counties.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm, closed from noon – 1:00.  We are closed on all county recognized holidays. Having a case with Child Support Services creates a record of all child support payments, provides a neutral go-between for parents, and can help both parents avoid court and assist with navigating the child support system. Child Support Services staff act in the public interest and do not represent either side of a child support case. A complete list of services provided can be found here; these services are provided at little or no cost. If you are thinking of opening a case, or have been named in a child support case, contact us right away. Your local agency can help both of you know what to expect, and will work with you to make the child support process as stress-free as possible.  We can even help you work out a legal agreement for child support and avoid legal court. Our Mammoth Lakes Office is open Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 1:30 pm (closed from noon to 1:00) each week and is located at 126 Old Mammoth Rd #202, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546 Please note our Bishop office has moved.  We are now located at 1360 N. Main Street Suite 237, Bishop CA 93514 To begin the application process visit here.

Child Protective Services

Aging and Social Services
Child Protective Services is committed to excellence in the delivery of culturally competent, family-centered, and child-focused protective services. CPS investigates reports of suspected child abuse and neglect, and intervenes with families who do not meet the minimum community standards of health and safety as required by law. A Mandated Reporter Form can be faxed to Child Protect Services at 760-872-4950. Child Protective Services operates under Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS).


Aging and Social Services, Inyo County
Family Intensive Response Strengthening Team (FIRST) provides a comprehensive, holistic, youth and family-driven method of engaging with an individual with complex needs so they can live in their homes and communities and realize their hopes and dreams. FIRST puts the child(ren) and family at the center. FIRST/Wraparound operates under Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS).

Ages & Stages Developmental Screenings

First 5
The Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) are parent-completed developmental and social-emotional screenings to identify delays as early as possible. First 5 Inyo County assists in coordinating screenings, connecting families with referral resources, and providing education around child development. ASQ is provided by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS).

Diaper Depot

First 5
Diaper Depot provides diapers, wipes, and cream to families in need. Families receive a small pack of items to help during an emergency or time of stress. Families are welcome to utilize the program twice a month. Diapers are available for families to pick up at three locations: Bishop, First 5 office, 1360 N Main St. Independence, Fiscal office, 155 Market Street Lone Pine, Social Services office, 380 N. Mt. Whitney Drive. The Diaper Depot is provided by Inyo County Health and Human Services (HHS).

WIC – Toiyabe Indian Health Project

Toiyabe Indian Healthy Project
760- 873-8464
WIC, the Women, Infants and Children Program, is a nutrition program that helps pregnant women, mothers with infants, and young children eat well, be active, and stay healthy. WIC offers families checks to buy healthy foods, nutrition and health education to help families eat well and be active, support and information about breastfeeding your baby, and help in finding health care and other community services. Locations: 250 N See Vee Lane, Bishop, CA 93515 1150 Goodwin Road, Lone Pine, CA 93545

WIC – Inyo County

Health and Human Services
The WIC Program (or the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children) provides food, nutrition counseling, and access to health services to low-income women, infant, and children. The mission of WIC is to safeguard the health of low-income women, infants, and children up to age 5 who are at nutrition risk by providing nutritious foods to supplement diets, information on healthy eating, and referrals to health care. WIC is offered through Health and Human Services (HHS) Inyo County.

Child Safety Seats

California Highway Patrol
Car seats and boosters provide protection for infants and children in the case of an accident, yet car crashes are a leading cause of death for children ages one to thirteen. Buckling up is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself and your passengers in a crash. It is extremely important to make sure all children riding in your care are properly secured before every trip. If you’re not confident in how to properly secure your child in a safety seat, or are in need of a car seat, contact your local CHP Area Office and ask to speak with a  child passenger safety technician.
Child Development

Child Care Connection Resource and Referrals

Inyo County Office of Education
Inyo County Resource and Referral (R&R) is a state-funded program helping families find child care that best meets their needs, to recruit child care providers, and collect information about local child care needs. R&Rs provide a variety of services to parents seeking care, providers seeking training opportunities and to the broader community looking for information about child care.
You can obtain a child care referral by contacting CCC at or by calling 760-873-5123 x 0. You can also find up-to-date child care provider information through
***Find a child care provider click here***

Triple P Positive Parenting Classes

First 5 Inyo County, Health & Human Services
First 5 offers Triple P Positive Parenting Program classes and seminars to help parents learn simple tools to improve their relationship with their child, manage challenging behavior, and learn about child development. A range of classes are offered through out the year. Call First 5 to find the class that best fits your needs.
Kern Regional Center

Kern Regional Center

Kern Regional Center
Kern Regional Center is one of 21 private, nonprofit regional centers contracted by the State of California through the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) to coordinate community-based services and support for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

KRC serves nearly 8,000 clients in Kern, Inyo and Mono Counties. Our counties cover approximately 22,000 square miles with a population of almost 900,000 people.

Substance Abuse Programs

Inyo County Health & Human Services Behavioral Health division
Individuals in need of addictions treatment often are experiencing stressors in the related life domains of work, family, school, spirituality, leisure, income. We make every effort to treat individuals holistically. Clients are encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of treatment, addressing all life domains in their efforts to sustain a productive and substance free lifestyle. This participation is necessary in the creation of a safe and confidential treatment environment. PROGRAM OFFERED IN BISHOP AND LONE PINE: – Assessment and Referral services  – Programs to satisfy court ordered treatment: Diversion (PC1000) SACPA/OTP (PC1210) DUI-Driving Under the Influence Programs – Relapse Prevention and Intervention weekly adult education group. – Adult intensive outpatient with groups and individualized case management from 4-9 hours a week  – Peri-natal program is for women who are either pregnant and/or parenting, with children birth to 17 and are dealing with substance abuse issues.(45CFR Pregnant women are given preference in admission).  – Adolescent substance education and prevention groups.    – Aftercare and Alumni sobriety support groups