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OVCDC is the proud recipient of an ACEs Aware communications grant. ACEs stand for Adverse Childhood Experiences and are a measure of exposure to childhood trauma. Science indicates that the more exposure we have to adversity in our early years, the more likely we are to develop toxic stress physiology. ACEs and toxic stress are linked to a number of concerning health and wellness challenges such as cardiovascular disease, incarceration, diabetes, depression, substance abuse, learning challenges, asthma and more.

The good news is that that toxic stress is amenable to treatment. As the Wellness Navigator my role is to serve the people of Inyo County by connecting them with resources, services, and information that promotes healing. For this reason I have created a resource directory and resource flow chart. Both resources can be found on the OVCDC website. We also hope to build awareness on these topics through community education, social media, workshops, and presentations. Please check out our Instagram account Inyo_county_resilient as well as our short film entitled Rural Resilience (which can also be found on the OVCDC YouTube channel) if you want to learn more about these subjects. Additionally we provide workshops and presentations on ACEs and toxic stress as well as practical steps to encourage healing. As the Wellness Navigator I hope to support people in developing enhanced wellness practices and accessing services that help to mitigate toxic stress and ACEs.

Finally we are advocating for local agencies to conduct more ACE screenings. By taking a five minute questionnaire one can determine their ACE score. Your ACE score is a number between one and ten that represents exposure to adversity before you turn 18. For reference around two thirds of Americans have at least one ACE, and around 16% have four or more ACEs. You can find your ACE score and more helpful information on these topics here: Explore your number – Your Number Story  ACE screening is particularly important for younger members of the community in order to promote early detection, healing, and referrals to appropriate care. If you wish to learn more on these subjects, attend an ACEs workshop, create a wellness plan, or just have a conversation please do not hesitate to reach out. I can be contacted at (760) 873-5107 ext 251 or

Attached is the Resource Flowchart. The Resource Flowchart is a simple visual that lists the essential services in Inyo County and the phone numbers to reach them. Please consider printing and hanging on your fridge or sharing with friends and relatives. Or visit here for the Inyo County Resource Directory.