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Drug abuse and addiction are difficult to overcome on your own. Support groups such as Narcotics Anonymous can offer you a good and safe environment in which to recover in the long term. In case you are not in a position to afford the cost of addiction treatment, you can also rely on NA as an alternative or substance abuse recovery program. A list of current NA meetings hosted in Bishop, California can be found below:

Church Of The Nazarene
900 West Line Street Bishop, CA 93514

Saturday – 7:00 PM

Salvation Army
621 West Line Street, Bishop, CA 93514

Wednesday – 7:00 PM

Toiyabe Family Services
50 North Tu Su Lane, Bishop, CA 93514

Sunday – 6:00 PM

Tribal Elders Building
250 Diaz Lane, Bishop, CA 93514

Sunday – 4:00 PM
Thursday – 6:00 PM