Have an hour for lunch and not sure what eat? Have errands to run on your break, so not much time to prepare a meal? Want to make time for lunch and some physical activity during your lunch break? Well time to consider the adult lunchable.


Pick a high-quality protein

Deli meat, chicken salad, tuna, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, etc.

Pick colorful veggies

Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, snap peas, etc.

Pick a healthy fat

String cheese, cottage cheese, nuts, guacamole, nut butter, avocado, hummus, etc.

Pick a carbohydrate

Potatoes, apple, peach, berries, grapes, yogurt, whole grain bread, tortilla, crackers, etc.

Choose 1-2 options from each category to build your adult lunchable.  Combinations may include:

  • 2-4oz Peppered turkey slices + 1 cup celery + 1-2 tbsp peanut butter + 6-12 Roasted red pepper triscuits
  • 2-4oz Dill tuna salad + 1 cup sliced cucumbers + 1 cup baby carrots + ¼ cup hummus + 1 whole-grain english muffin
  • 2 Hard-boiled eggs w/pepper + 1 cup cherry tomatoes + ½ cup cottage cheese + ¼ avocado + 1 small peach
  • 2-4 oz Smoked salmon slices + 1 cup sliced bell peppers + 2oz cream cheese + 1 bagel
  • 2-4 oz Rosemary chicken salad + 1 cup snap peas + 1/8-1/4 cup pine nuts + 1 cup strawberries + 1 whole-grain tortilla

Use these tips to plan a quick lunch. Having a complete meal will help keep you energized after lunch. Next time you go to the grocery store stock up your fridge with some of these goodies. Food combinations and amounts may subject based on your medical conditions. If you have any questions feel free to set up a nutrition appointment with an RD at Toiyabe in the Preventative Medicine Dept. Plan ahead to make your lunch break more relaxing. Enjoy!

Shannon Beasley MPH, RD

Toiyabe Indian Health Project/Preventative Medicine Dept.