Disaster can strike at a moment’s notice, even over holidays. So this holiday season while you are enjoying your family, maybe cozied up by the fire, start a conversation about emergency preparedness. It can be simple, and silly…while sipping coco ask what would we do right now if there was an earthquake, an avalanche, an unexpected snowstorm. Where would we meet, who would we all check in with if the cell phones were overloaded? If half of us were somewhere else, would our meeting places change? What is the policy to pick up the kids from daycare or school? Would these events catch us off guard, or would you be winter ready, does your emergency kit keep you warm, or did you pack it in the heat of the summer?

While the holidays can already be overwhelming and hectic, take a moment, if your kids got brand new clothes, or the infamous underwear and socks, could the old ones be placed in your emergency kit? Find small ways to integrate disaster preparedness into your everyday activities, to keep that daunting overwhelming feelings at bay. Like, when you are putting the new clothes and toys away slip those old ones into your emergency go kit. Or, while you are driving around looking at lights, ask the family, where we would meet in the community if our house was unsafe or if we were split up…to grandmother’s house we go… through the white and drifted snow. Hey!