Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story –Josh Shipp

Inyo County Health and Human Services Prevention Department Mentor Program

This is your opportunity to make a difference! The Inyo County Health and Human Services Department has resurrected the youth mentor program.

Why Mentor?

The foundation of mentoring, a one-on-one relationship, assures young people that someone does care about them. Mentors provide a solid positive male or female adult in their life. This is something that might not be there. Some kids just need someone to talk to and listen to what is going on in their lives. Studies have proven that quality mentoring of youth does have a very positive effect on a young people’s lives in many ways, such as the personal, social, and academic aspects of their lives. Unfortunately, one in three young people will not have this important person in their lives.

What is the mentor program?

The Inyo County Mentor Program matches adults and youth with common interests and traits from our community to cultivate a one-on-one positive relationship.

The commitment of both the mentor and mentee is twelve months and to meet at least once a week for an hour. These meetings could be as simple has going to the school to have lunch or taking a walk and talking. It could be as in-depth as working on car engines. The important thing is quality one-on-one time between the mentee and mentor.

Learn more about how a mentor program works.

Make a difference and possibly make a friend for life, become a mentor.

If you are interested in mentoring youth in our local area, call Tim Villanueva, Mentor Program Coordinator, at 760-873-5040.