Talking with your kids about tough topics can be challenging no matter what age they are. However, starting the conversation early while they are young and still developing opinions on the world around them can protect them from misinformation and peer pressure. Here are a few tips and tricks to talking to children about drug and alcohol abuse:

  • Don’t assume they know the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Help them understand the risk and consequences of drugs and alcohol.
  • Start the conversation and teach young children about medications, how to take them safely and effectively and only take medications prescribed to them.
  • Be clear and firm when speaking with your children, and answer any questions they may have.
  • Talk about peer pressure as it relates to drugs and alcohol, the consequences the child may receive.
  • Keep the conversation open to questions, concerns, and continue to talk to your child about the consequences of drugs and alcohol.

While you may not know everything your child does, it’s important to have positive, clear conversations about drugs and alcohol. If you co-parent, having consistent rules about drugs and alcohol is key to preventing youth from abusing these substances. Most importantly, remind your child you are there to support them, and love them no matter what. It is important to have open communication with your child, especially surrounding topics such as drug and alcohol abuse.