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Team Inyo January – February 2020

Inyo County Health & Human Services, Public Health & Prevention Division

Fit Families

During the months of January and February, Inyo County Health and Human Services WIC staff are sharing information on how to fit physical activity into every day as a family, even during the winter months when the days are shorter and it is colder outside. What do you do to be active in the winter?

Did you know?

  • Very few young children participate in vigorous physical activity on a regular basis. WIC recommends that adults get at least 30 minutes and children at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day!
  • Children watch up to 42 hours of TV per week. WIC recommends no more than 1 hour of TV a day!
  • The number of overweight children is rising (1 out of 3 children). WIC recommends that families start good eating and exercise habits early!

The Inyo County HHS WIC Program offers ideas for free or low-cost physical activity, such as:

  • Go on family walks
  • Take the stairs
  • Have a dance break in your house!
  • If you watch TV together, use the commercial breaks to get in a little exercise
  • Read a book together about physical activity that you can then practice together
  • Toss a beach ball back and forth (good for young children)
  • Go on a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt
  • Do yoga
  • Check out local hiking trails good for hiking in winter. You can find a brochure on Bishop Area Winter Hiking Trails at the Bishop Visitor Center.

For information about WIC, you can visit the Inyo County HHS WIC office at 568 W. Line St., Bishop, or call 760-872-1885.

Inyo County WIC Program

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Inyo County Health & Human Services, Public Health & Prevention Division