How interactive play can help develop your child’s brain to its fullest potential

As parents we often wonder, “Are the first 5 years of my child’s life really that important?” The answer is “Yes”! 90% of your child’s brain is formed by the age of 5.When you talk, read, sing and play with your child, you fill their brain with words and thoughts that make all the difference to their future.

Your child’s greatest need is to engage with you. Countless studies have found that clinical depression and failure to thrive rates rise dramatically when children are not cared for by an attentive person who talks to them, touches them, nurtures them, and soothes them on a regular basis. Your attention and approval is essential to your child’s sense of well-being and esteem, and to their physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

So what CAN we do to make sure our children develop to their fullest potential?

Talk. Read. Sing.

Engage your child in developmental play and help them improve their language, motor, problem solving, spatial, social and math skills.

Inyo County First 5 offers an in-home play program called Building Blocks that can guide you in the right direction, answer any questions you may have and provide you with new ideas and materials to engage your little one in developmental play.

Visit First 5 California for more ideas on how to engage with your child.