Here are six reasons why Farmers Markets are a great place to bring your whole family!

market stand at Bishop Paiute Community market selling fresh produce

1. What Local Food Is

Ask farmers where their farms are located. Your kids can learn that food is grown where they live.

2 Seasons of Food

Farmers Markets help show what types of fruits and vegetables are grown during the year.

3 Kinds of Fruits and Vegetables

Markets can be a discovery experience, learning the names of new kinds of fruits and vegetables. Make it a scavenger hunt!

4. Friendship & Community

The next time you visit the market your kids will remember the farmers. Markets are a great way to meet new friends and get to know your community.

5. Eat Healthier

Purchasing food at farmers markets helps your family eat healthy, by selecting lots of yummy and nutritious fruits and vegetables to have with each meal.

6. Cook the Food!

After you are home from the market, make a meal with the food you bought and get your kids involved.

fresh produce for sale at the Big Pine Paiute Farmers Market

Taking a family outing to your local Farmers Market is a great way to spend time together, help kids learn where food comes from and encourage healthy eating! Find a farmers market in your town from the list below and plan your next visit!

The following farmers markets are open for the summer:


Owens Valley Certified Farmers Market, Friday 5pm – 7pm

Big Pine:

Nawanaki-Ti Market, Friday 5:30pm – dusk (starts June 24)


Bishop Paiute Community Market, Friday 5:30pm – 8pm

Eastern Sierra Certified Farmers Market, Saturday 9am – 12pm

Directions to each market can be found on our Local Events page!

Big Pine Paiute Farmers Market sign