It’s Farmer’s Market season, which means that you have the option to purchase healthy, local produce from your friendly neighborhood farmer.  Here in the Owens Valley, the Bishop Paiute Tribe’s Community Market is held at the Cultural Center on West Line Street every Thursday evening and the Big Pine Paiute Tribe’s Nawanaki-Ti Market is held at the Tribal Office on South Main Street on Friday evenings.  Shopping at farmer’s markets is a great way to make sure that healthy, local produce makes it in to your kitchen for meals, a quick bite next time you’re on the go, and even a midnight snack!

1) Farmer’s market fruits and veggies are always picked fresh and in season, so they are ripe and delicious.

2) Local, farm-fresh eggs taste great J

3) Buying local means that you are supporting farmers who are your neighbors and helping to support the local economy.

4) When you buy at a farmer’s market, the food hasn’t been driven across the country, so you’re being kind to the Earth by saving on truck emissions.

5) You can find great arts and crafts, t-shirts, jewelry, baked goods, soaps and lotions, and other unique gifts at the markets.

6) When kids know the person who grew their squash and swiss chard they are more likely to gobble it up.

7) The vast majority of food sold at farmer’s markets is organic.

8) Local honey is delicious!

9) You will see all your friends at the farmer’s market.  And there will likely be music, so you can bop to the beat together.

10) Markets have an incredible spread of healthy produce, so it’s likely that you will see a varieties tomatoes, salad greens, eggplants, and potatoes that you wouldn’t normally find in a grocery store.