With summer on the horizon, everyone starts thinking about being in with the warmth of the sun. The warmer weather brings on so many opportunities for children and adults to get out and be physically active. Our community provides such a variety of activities and many community members are not aware of how much there really is to do close to home.

This past year I began sharing all that I receive regarding programs and events from Bishop to Mammoth, to parents through an ever growing email list. The response has been phenomenal and the information on program updates and upcoming events just keeps coming in. I know for a fact there is no reason for parents to say there is nothing to do here. While the City of Bishop, the Community of Crowley, the Town of Mammoth Lakes and other entities provide fitness classes, children’s activities and sports indoors throughout the winter, the idea of being outside is often on their minds and what programs they can make available come spring.

Now is the time to start looking for outdoor activities and start planning your summer. The variety of Summer Camps available for kids will take you from Bishop to Mammoth depending on your choice of camps. There are science camps through the S.N.A.R. L., sports camps in Bishop and Mammoth, themed camps, swimming camps, hiking and climbing camps, church camps, full day camps, half day camps, overnight camps…. I can go on and on. Activities for adults are vast and affordable from Yoga to Mountain Biking down the face of Mammoth Mountain. You just have to know what your interests are and where to look for what is available.

We are fortunate to have swimming pools available to us year round between Keough’s, Bishop Park Pool and Whitmore Pool in Mammoth. Though Keough’s is the only pool open year-round, we can look forward to the others opening up for public swimming in June, giving us all another avenue to keep ourselves and our children active and cool. The Bishop Park Pool also offers family movie nights to give community members the chance to cool down in the evening after the heat of the summer days can reach grueling temperatures, getting a little exercise and entertainment at the same time.

We are so fortunate to live where we live, with hiking trails, fishing on the creeks and lakes, biking in the desert areas and on Mammoth Mountain, swimming, kayaking, rock climbing and just enjoying cooler temperatures at the higher elevations. There is so much to do, and so much to see and enjoy.  Getting out and keeping yourselves and your children active in our great outdoors will not even take much from your pocket book. You don’t have to travel far and your choices are endless. Take the time; plan a summer in our beautiful back yard. I am sure you will find just the right activities for you and your family.

Here a few links to get you started: