Physical (social) Distancing Responsibly in the Outdoors

Follow the CDC guide lines and wash your hands before and after your activity and wear face mask if appropriate. Avoid groups other than your family.

Enjoy your back yard

This is especially the time to enjoy your own back yard. Get back to basics draw or practice yoga with your kids in the yard. Get that soccer ball out and kick it around with the kids. Go for a walk or bike ride in your neighborhood.

If you venture a little further from you backyard (avoid extensive travel)

We live in an area that can be easily accessed to open spaces and nature.

  • Let someone know where you are going and expected time back
  • Be prepared for your activities take the necessary items for an emergency
  • Do not go anywhere or participate in an activity that would require an emergency crew to rescue you.
  • Observe all signage that might say some areas are closed.
  • Please treat these open spaces and nature with respect. Some of the areas might not have the staffing for upkeep.
  • Avoid public restrooms they may not be open (plan accordingly)
  • Practice exceptional Leave No Trace (LNT) (copy and paste)

Backyard or neighborhood options

I researched some other resources that maybe helpful for your physical distancing times. (copy and paste)

Stay healthy and hope to see you in the outdoors (when appropriate)!